Time to Reconstruct Your SEO Strategy

Reconstruct Your SEO StrategyGoogleâs web spam team has changed the face of SEO. This year the change was drastic, leading webmasters and SEO consultants to question and change strategies. Changes from Google are endless and SEO will progressively be tested with every alteration of search algorithm. One thing, however, is evident from all changes: priority is for readers.

SEOâs power to rank sites is undisputable. The element to be questioned is the quality within sites. A site ranking at the top with deplorable content helps none; neither readers nor webmasters. This makes SEO a secondary factor while the quality becomes primary.

Now being a secondary factor, it can only provide results with quality sites. Interestingly, quality is hardly considered or should I say âPeople need/demand fast resultsâ and hence the deliberate ignorance of quality. It is similar to throwing everything against the wall and see what sticks. Due to this very reason, conversion rates are as low as 0.1%.

Content is the Immortal King:

Content was, is, and will be the King. There is no better signal than content to judge quality, obviously making it King. Content writing is similar to storytelling. Although most stories are similar, their presentation is the one that earns respect for the teller. Writing the perfect content might seem an ideal situation yet striving for, increases the odds of perfection.

In the past, the internet was scarce in content but the picture has shifted completely. The internet is literarily filled with content. More and more people pour their thoughts. Naturally, this has led to competitiveness and increasing the demand of perfect storytelling. To learn on how to come up with content, which will make a difference, I suggest reading Why Most Content Marketing Plan Fails by Jeff Molander.

Building Links:

Tracing history of link building, one can easily find that links were once used for reference/additional resource. Many would say the same holds true today about links but it isnât. Majority of link building is done for search engines. We all know it and we have all done it: the reason? It worked. Since un-necessary linking for higher search engines ranking no longer works (Ref: Penguin update), we need to modify strategies.

The future is focused on readers. Therefore, it would be wise to use links as they were used in the past: as reference/resources. Generally, you will have to earn links rather than earn it. Moreover, following the above strategy (quality content creation) will ease in link earning.

Social Media are Important Factors:

Recently Google came up with real time analytics for Social Media. Moreover, just two weeks before Google allowed Google+ users to see the impact of shares. This is another way of saying that social shares are vital signals for search algorithms. Therefore, updating status over social network isnât the end. Shares and conversation play major role of which we are yet unaware. Irrespective of the social network, just gaining backlinks will never suffice.

Just because we are discussing a change of SEO strategy, SEO isnât dead. SEO will live as long as search engines live but they will undergo change to keep abreast of them. Presently we need to change tactics and focus more on readers with SEO as a support. So what more can you add for better change?

This is a guest post by Richie from ZarryLyms. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines.

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Article by Richie Richardson

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